Wash Safe – Shee (100ml)
Wash Safe – Shee (100ml)
Wash Safe – Shee (100ml)
Wash Safe – Shee (100ml)
Wash Safe – Shee (100ml)

Wash Safe – Shee (100ml)

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Just spray away to hit refreshing and cooling sensation. Wash Safe – Shee Sceret Spary is a handy alternative of water to keep your vagina moisturised & hydrated whole day long. It cleanses, moisturises, hydrates & soothes skin in a completely new way. Secures microbiological balance of the intimate areas by maintaining appropriate acidic pH. Protection of intimate area against bothersome symptoms of infections. It is specially designed for your convenience.

Hygienic Alternative to Water/Soap/Vaginal wash

  • Vaginal Moisturiser &  Refresher
  • Gentle Cleanser & Soother
  • Balances pH & Skin Microflora
  • Fights Odor & Drying
  • Cools & Hydrates
  • Prevents Itchy sensation & irritation
  • Alcohol/Paraben/Mineral Oil /Soap Free
  • Long lasting freshness

Wash Safe – Shee Ingredient Benefits:
Cranberry Fruit – Moisturises and improves the appearance of skin.
Vit E – Prevent drying of the skin
Aleovera – Soothes the vaginal skin
Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil – Fights odour naturally
Lactic Acid – helps to maintain proper pH level, and thereby reduces the risk of infection.


Wash Safe – Shee being an intimate wash has been designed and developed with ultimate care. It is odourless and colourless. pH plays a major role, Wash Safe Shee balances the vaginal pH naturally by maintaining the microbial flora. Reduces itching and dryness. Can be used by teenagers, post menopausal woman & post delivery.