Wash Safe – Outdoors
Wash Safe – Outdoors
Wash Safe – Outdoors
Wash Safe – Outdoors
Wash Safe – Outdoors

Wash Safe – Outdoors

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Is a handy alternative of water to keep your Body & Hands germs and dirt free whole day long. It cleanses, moisturises, hydrates & soothes skin in a completely new way. It is specially designed for your convenience.

Hygienic Bathing Alternative For:

  • Travelers
  • Trekkers
  • Gym Goers
  • Sport Lovers
  • Senior Citizens

Wash Safe Give Natural Benefits of Herbs:

Aloevera – Naturally hydrates & keep skin moisturised
Turmeric Oil – Have excellent property of cleansing without drying the skin
Tea Tree Oil – Fight against bacteria, fungus & virus
Neem Oil – Nourishes & have healing property


Wash Safe – Outdoors doesn’t require use of water, soap and addition of any antiseptic liquid as its inherent composition acts on bacteria , fungi, bad odor causing bacteria and removes dirt . Its unique blend of carefully selected ingredients gently moisturizes and detoxifies skin and gives fresh feeling. The pH of the solution is carefully maintained and it doesn’t include any paraben, mineral oil or alcohol.

Wash Safe – Outdoors is soap free , having cleansing , moisturizing & detoxifying properties which leaves skin soft and non sticky. It is safe for sensitive skin

Wash Safe – Outdoors uses ergonomic packaging to make it handy and easier to carry.

Wash Safe – Outdoors is having a huge following from trekkers / long distance travelers who find water scarcity affecting their regular bath cycle.